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A message from Glen F. Post III

"The combination of our two companies allows us to offer customers of all sizes an even more robust portfolio of communications solutions that will continue to be backed by honest and personal service."
Glen F. Post III
Chief Executive Officer and President, CenturyLink


Customer Information

CenturyLink has three primary customer segments: consumer/SOHO (small office home office), business/government, and wholesale. Our employees work within and across our company’s organizations to collaboratively support these customer segments.


Customer FAQ

The CenturyLink/Qwest combination positively impacts millions of customers who now are served by a company that has the scale and ability to quickly roll out innovative products and services at competitive prices.

Customers in CenturyLink’s 37 operating states benefit from the company’s local operating model, which places decision-making about the network, products and offers, and customer service as close to them as possible.

The combination of CenturyLink and Qwest creates a robust, national 190,000 route-mile fiber network that spans the U. S. from coast to coast, nearly doubling network access points. With a network backbone that will soon be capable of up to 100 Gbps, the network enables businesses to run high-bandwidth applications without decreases in security, quality or performance. 

CenturyLink provides dedicated sales and service to business and government customers in local, national and select international markets with strategic and customized communications solutions via its fiber optic network, advanced business products, and state-of-the-art data centers.

CenturyLink continues to provide the business partner program, sales support, sales engineering, marketing, product development and management, pricing, proposal management and customer care to the customers it serves.

Providing high-quality wholesale service is a priority at CenturyLink. The combined company has the experience and expertise necessary to serve wholesale customers.