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A message from Glen F. Post III

"The combination of our two companies allows us to offer customers of all sizes an even more robust portfolio of communications solutions that will continue to be backed by honest and personal service."
Glen F. Post III
Chief Executive Officer and President, CenturyLink


Regulatory Information

Meeting the Public Interest

Why This Transaction is in the Best Interests
of Customers, Communities and States

The merger of CenturyLink and Qwest serves the public interest, as it continues CenturyLink’s tradition of successful and pro-consumer acquisitions and integrations. The combination of CenturyLink and Qwest brings a wider variety of services and greater broadband availability to customers than either company could offer alone.

Each company has been recognized for its commitment to deliver broadband capabilities to more customers. Both companies have made investments that achieved widespread broadband availability in their regions at higher speeds. The combined company has approximately 88% broadband availability across its local market areas.

CenturyLink committed in its agreements with state commissions to expand broadband deployment, particularly in rural and underserved communities, and to continue deploying innovative broadband services throughout the combined company’s service area.

The service footprints of CenturyLink and Qwest are complementary with minimal overlaps. In many areas, the combined footprints connect rural and urban areas and link fiber networks to better enable the deployment of advanced services to more customers.

The combined company will increase the variety and quality of services available to customers, such as its competitive CenturyLinkTM PrismTM TV (IPTV) offering.


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